With over 6 years of teaching experience at Academy of Art University, Isabella now proudly teaches Illustration courses at Storyteller Academy, an online school dedicated in developing the craft of storytelling. She also teaches a watercolor workshop at Etchr.

Here’s a video about how to Organize Your Creative Space and Time with bonus studio tour:


One-on-one Critique / Mentorship

A one-on-one is a 25 or 30-minute critique via Zoom. More details and submission guidelines on the registration link. Availability changes throughout the year, but there will still be one-on-ones to choose from when your project is ready.

Testimonial from Latarsha Lytle:

"I just completed my last session with Isabella and she is SUCH a treasure - especially for author/illustrators who want to sharpen both their illustration and and their storytelling skills! She has a special and very thoughtful way to help you get to the heartbeat of your story and your images."

Testimonial from Kimberly Tso:

"Isabella is a great mentor for anyone doing both the writing and illustration for their books, because she’s able to provide feedback on both and how they can support each other. She’s encouraging and specific in her feedback, so you know exactly what’s working and what is not."

School Visits

Isabella loves sharing her books with kids! Her workshops and presentations are highly interactive. In a 45 minute workshop including Q&A. Isabella will share how she created her book NO FUZZBALL!, starting from a doodle in her sketchbook all the way to a published book. She’ll show behind-the-scenes photos of her artwork and end with a drawing demo of Fuzzball!

Step-by-step Drawing Guidelines for NO FUZZBALL

Drawing Demo on Kid Lit TV


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